Advancing the Participatory Sciences

Participatory sciences include community science, citizen science, community-based monitoring, volunteer research, and more — research and monitoring efforts that depend on knowledge, insights, or observations from members of the public.

What We Do

Members of the Association for Advancing Participatory Sciences are building, sustaining, researching, and advancing these projects — they are scientists, project managers, educators, evaluators, researchers, students, community leaders, policymakers, communicators and more. By uniting across disciplines, roles, and perspectives, members advance their own work and this field as a whole.

Together We Advance the Field

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Annual Conference

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Connecting Participatory Science Practitioners

Our annual conferences bring attention to cutting-edge and evidence-based practices from many contexts, and connect people from across those contexts to highlight areas of innovation, share ideas and insights, and forge stronger relationships and practices across the field.

Call for submissions for our 2024 Virtual event has been EXTENDED.

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An open access journal — articles are free to read. 

The Journal

Citizen Science: Theory and Practice

This open-access, peer-reviewed journal is published by Ubiquity Press on behalf of the Association for Advancing Participatory Sciences. The journal focuses on advancing participatory sciences globally by providing a venue for researchers and practitioners to share best practices in conceiving, developing, implementing, evaluating, and sustaining projects that facilitate public participation in scientific endeavors in any discipline. 

Featured Resources


Webinars by leaders and peers share tools, tips, and reflections on best practices and emerging issues across the field of participatory sciences.

Cover of the Data Ethics Toolkit for Participatory Science Handbook

Data Ethics Toolkit

Better understand your role as data handlers in identifying, satisfying, and/or balancing ethical obligations of a project to participants, partners, science, and society.

Blue Data Quality Compendium for citizen science and participatory science practitioners

The Data Quality Resource Compendium

This compendium is a round up of documents, manuals, and workbooks produced for the participatory sciences.

CAPS 2024, advancing the many approaches to this work: citizen science • pro-am partnerships • community based monitoring • crowdsourced science • collaborative research • participatory science • distributed computing • lay monitoring • pro-am partnerships • public participation in scientific research • volunteer monitoring • community science • community observatories • participatory research • crowd science • community owned and managed research • cooperative research • community based monitoring •

2024 Call for Posters Now Open!

Share your work and connect with colleagues from around the globe–submit a proposal to present at our 2024 Virtual Conference Advancing Participatory Sciences*! Individual presentations

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