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Workshop: Building Relationships for Equitable Research Partnerships

Virtual Workshop

Friday, June 14th

3:00-4:30pm EDT (UTC-4)

This is an exclusive opportunity to learn from leaders in the Environmental Justice movement. Experts at negotiating relationships for sound science that drives solutions for community problems, their wisdom and stories can help foster relationships in your project, program, or community.

This workshop will help you begin to define what an equitable partnership looks like and the steps you can start to take to establish that.

As science institutions seek and secure new funds for Environmental Justice (EJ) research, there is an urgent need to ground good intentions in formal agreements with communities. This workshop will draw on the expertise of leaders from the EJ Practitioners Working Group (EJP) of the Association for Advancing Participatory Sciences (AAPS), who have decades of experience navigating, leading, and mentoring such partnerships.

Presenting this June 14th workshop are esteemed leaders from the field of Environmental Justice:
  • Omega and Brenda Wilson, West End Revitalization Association (WERA), along with Ayo Wilson (WERA)
  • Ms. Margaret Gordon, West Oakland Environmental Indicators Project (WOEIP), along with Janice Hunter (WOEIP)

Through their own work and initiative, these leaders have developed intentional processes for generating equity and fostering solutions-oriented science in community-research partnerships. Participants will hear success stories that point to the value and need for these approaches to addressing critical relationships issues, and will explore tools and concrete pathways to support positive change in their own work. 

This workshop is an entryway for anyone wanting to understand the principles of, and relationships necessary for, fostering equity in a research partnership. The workshop is also a good fit for anyone in a position of power or leadership who wants to strategically support, fund, or advocate for equitable partnerships. Attending this workshop will also open the doors to further opportunities for targeted trainings or consulting services to scaffold the use of these tools by researchers or scientific institutions. 

Workshop learning objectives:

  • Increased understanding of equity and equitable partnership standards for research
  • Increased understanding of what is at stake in research partnerships between communities and scientists/science institutions
  • Increased sense of skills and strategies for building relationships for partnered research
  • Awareness of tools available for establishing equitable partnerships, including opportunities for mentorship and consulting

AAPS is committed to providing equitable compensation to the workshop leaders who bring their expertise and wisdom to you in support of your work. Please register at the highest rate within your capacity, and in a way that recognizes the value of this learning opportunity.

We are grateful to the Rita Allen Foundation for their support in the development phase of this team’s programming.

Workshop Instructors:

Founder and Co-Director of the West Oakland Environmental Indicators Project, Ms. Margaret Gordon is a third-generation resident of West Oakland, California, and is a lifetime community activist. She works with neighborhood organizations, physicians, researchers, and public officials to ensure West Oakland residents have a clean environment, safe neighborhoods, and access to economic opportunity. Her work has been recognized by organizations ranging from the Oakland City Council, the Port of Oakland Board of Commission, the US EPA, and The White House, among others.

Omega and Brenda Wilson are Co-founders of the West End Revitalization Association (WERA) in 1994 of Mebane, NC. WERA incorporated as a 501-(c)(3) non-profit in 1995. Mission: Support access to “basic public health amenities” (safe drinking water, sewer lines, housing, streets, sidewalks, and storm-water management) for primarily African American and Native American heritage communities. The AARP Bulletin-April 2019, featured both as “senior citizen – citizen scientists” for collaborative problem-solving that “addresses human being in their environment.” Omega R Wilson: BA in Radio-TV-Film 1973, Shaw University, Raleigh, NC; MA in Mass Communications 1974, Bowling Green State University, Bowling Green, Ohio. Brenda A Wilson: BA in Education 1974, Shaw University, Raleigh, NC; MAED in Special Education 1980, Jackson State University, Jackson, Mississippi. USEPA Environmental Justice Achievement Award-2008, Alamance County-NAACP “Environmental & Social Justice Award”- 2016, American Public Health Association’s Environmental Section “Damu Smith Award” – 2021.

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