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The Association for Advancing Participatory Sciences (AAPS) is a member-driven organization that connects people from a wide range of experiences around one shared purpose: advancing knowledge through research and monitoring done by, for, and with members of the public. 

AAPS is a home for sharing insights from across many related approaches and traditions: citizen science, community science, and volunteer monitoring are just a few. The participatory sciences are expanding the reach, relevance, and impact of science in almost every area of inquiry; in the field and online; through local and global efforts. With increased attention to participatory sciences, AAPS brings depth to how participatory sciences are understood both as public engagement and as research, and shines a light on the integrity and complexity of the practice. 

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We reach an audience of over 10,000 people who design, lead, manage, and study the participatory sciences to exchange knowledge, identify shared concerns, and advance innovative work. Multidisciplinary and multidimensional by nature, participatory sciences depend on connections to forge collaborations, foster synergies, highlight practices that strengthen these efforts, and accelerate the pace of improvement. We partner with sister organizations on other continents to engage a global conversation, but focus our convening and communication efforts towards a North American audience. We work to build strategic alliances with other societies (of disciplines and practices) to keep expectations for participatory sciences appropriately high.

Association members directly support our work to advance the field of participatory sciences. Members build their professional network and shape the future of the field by contributing to working groups and by voting on key decisions about direction, priorities, and leadership for the association. 

A number of organizations and institutions support AAPS through annual memberships. AAPS’ organizational affiliates include universities, municipalities, tech companies, non-profits, and other formal groups both large and small – groups that are proudly standing up in support of innovation and integrity in this field.

Members and non-members alike can sign up to receive updates through a monthly newsletter, and are welcome to join a discussion listserv for sharing questions, ideas, innovations, and announcements among peers in this field.

New Name, Same Association

Association for Advancing Participatory Sciences Logo
CSA is now AAPS

In May 2022 members voted in favor of embracing a new name that affirms our identity as an Association for Advancing Participatory Sciences. Participatory Sciences finally and formally recognizes, right up front, that we engage, elevate, and advance many traditions and practices where research and monitoring depends on insights from beyond scientific institutions.

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About the name change process:

Graphic illustration of who is involved in the participatory sciences

Reintroducing this Association: Advancing Participatory Sciences

The Citizen Science Association launched a global movement. To expand and grow that movement, we are now the Association for Advancing Participatory Sciences.  For more than ten years, this Association has engaged practitioners from many related traditions, including crowdsourced science, volunteer monitoring, amateur astronomy, community-based research, citizen science, and more.

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Purple poster announcing a new name for the citizen science association

Announcing a new name for this Association

A long-awaited step forward for this Association was announced in late May:  members voted in favor of a new name.  While the details of that name have yet to be finalized (see live announcement below), the broad strokes are for an Association Advancing Participatory Sciences. The final “s” in this

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Doing Science Better Together text graphic promoting participatory science language use

Members to determine CSA’s new name

Post by CSA’s Executive Director, Jennifer Shirk For CSA’s 10th year, we are celebrating and affirming the work and vision of this Association. A major milestone in this process will be the choice of a new name. [An important to clarification to start: we are not setting out to rename

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Ten Years of Advancing Participatory Science

10 year celebration for advancing participatory science and citizen science
10 Big Ideas for the Future of Participatory Science

We are proud of the work we have done over the past ten years and all of the people who have helped build this field and association. An event on October 5th, 2023, celebrated this history and community and propelled us into the future and a new phase of growth.

Ten speakers who have been part of building this field and promoting ideas share their thoughts on the future of participatory science.

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