2019 Conference Sponsors

Visit the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences, the largest natural history museum in the Southeast. Explore world-class exhibits, learning centers, presentation spaces and hands-on Investigate Labs. Meet Acrocanthosaurus, our “Terror of the South” and the fiercest predator of the early Cretaceous. Marvel at collections of North America’s largest emeralds and some of the world’s rarest meteorites. Enjoy the SECU Daily Planet, our unique three-story multimedia theater, for live science presentations. Interact with scientists involved in worldwide research and veterinarians in care of unusual animals. Open seven days a week; general admission is free. For more information, visit naturalsciences.org.

NC State University is a leader in citizen science. Our land-grant heritage means we have a long track record of involving the public in scientific discovery, and we pride ourselves on connecting them to research that improves their everyday lives. Our university is home to the Leadership in Public Science cluster, an innovative interdisciplinary effort to unite faculty from across NC State’s colleges in shaping the public’s understanding of good science — and how they can get involved. We’re a Citizen Science Campus that offers opportunities for undergraduates and faculty alike, and we enjoy a longstanding partnership with the NC Museum of Natural Sciences that includes jointly recruited and funded faculty appointments. NC State is a proud member of the Citizen Science Association, and that fact is reflected in the diversity of institutional support we bring to this year’s conference in Raleigh.

The CitiSci2019 conference is sponsored in part by NC State’s University Communications and Marketing, the Office of Research and Innovation, the Leadership in Public Science cluster and each of our 10 academic colleges: the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, the College of Design, the College of Education, the College of Engineering, the College of Humanities and Social Sciences, the College of Natural Resources, the Poole College of Management, the College of Sciences, the Wilson College of Textiles and the College of Veterinary Medicine.

The Kenan Fellows Program for Teacher Leadership and its partners recognize the critical need to develop and empower high-quality teachers, who, in turn, make learning more authentic for students. The Program bridges the gap between K-12 education, industry, and research by immersing teachers in technical and/or locally-relevant STEM work experiences and supporting them as they design methods for transferring their learning back to the classroom. As a result, Kenan Fellows are given unprecedented opportunities for networking, professional growth, and leadership development. Today, there are more than 450 Fellows across North Carolina and beyond. Visit our website kenanfellows.org for more.

United Therapeutics Corporation focuses on the strength of a balanced, value-creating biotechnology model. We are confident in our future thanks to our fundamental attributes, namely our obsession with quality and innovation, the power of our brands, our entrepreneurial culture and our bioinformatics leadership. We also believe that our determination to be responsible citizens – having a positive impact on patients, the environment and society – will sustain our success in the long term. To learn more about United Therapeutics, and explore career opportunities with us, please visitwww.unither.com/careers.html

NSF supported CitSci2019 through a grant titled: Broadening the Community of Practitioners of the Citizen Science Association, awarded to the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences (PI-Cooper, co-PI-Wilson).

The goal of the award is to increase the quality and extent of practice of citizen science by broadening the networks, membership, and leadership of the CSA with experts from collaborative and co-created environmental science projects. The Intellectual Merit of our proposal resides in advancing professional development and networking to promote scholarship and practice of innovative approaches to informal STEM learning, particularly with groups underrepresented in STEM and particularly around technology and data literacy, and in all types of citizen science. Our  broader impact will culminate in the broadening of participation of marginalized groups, people of color, economically disadvantaged, and tribal populations in STEM learning via citizen science.

This material is based upon work supported by the National Science Foundation under Grant No. 1842188.

Any opinions, findings, and conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the views of the National Science Foundation.

EPA supports citizen science activities, from facilitating community driven projects to engaging citizen scientists in EPA research. EPA initiates citizen science projects, helps build capacity in environmental monitoring, and develops tools and resources to support citizen science projects managed by external organizations. The Innovation Team facilitates citizen science at EPA, explores citizen science strategies, leads communities of practice, and supports the development of low-cost tools to advance citizen science at EPA and across the federal government. Learn about EPA’s work in citizen science and find out about environmental citizen science projects on  EPA’s citizen science website  or contact us.

The IQAir Foundation seeks to promote environmental justice by helping improve environmental health conditions in neighborhoods unfairly affected by pollution as a result of economic, ethnic or racial factors. Clean Air for Kids, an initiative of the IQAir Foundation, helps bring healthy air to classrooms in impacted areas. Our specific goal is to bring air filtration to at least 150,000 children every year, supporting the IQAir Foundation goal of providing clean air to more than 1 million children.

HHMI Tangled Bank Studios is a mission-driven production company established and funded by the Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI) as an extension of its longstanding commitment to science education. HHMI is the largest private nonprofit supporter of science education and biomedical research in the United States. HHMI Tangled Bank Studios crafts compelling, immersive films about science and scientists for broadcast, theatrical and digital distribution. The company’s award-winning programs address important contemporary issues and capture inspirational stories of discovery across all branches of scientific inquiry. For more information, please visit www.tangledbankstudios.org and follow us on TwitterFacebook and Instagram.

The Kenan Institute for Engineering, Technology & Science at NC State University supports innovative individuals and organizations involved in programs that enable high impact educational, economic and societal benefits. Specifically, the Institute supports programs in the following strategic areas: High Technology Research; STEM Education; Technology Commercialization and Entrepreneurship; and Science and Technology Policy and Public Outreach. The Kenan Fellows Program for Teacher Leadership, a flagship initiative of the Institute, builds diverse partnerships with business, university, government and non-profits collaborators that empower K-12 teachers to inspire and inform their students on the relevance of STEM disciplines in their classrooms and careers.

The N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission, established by the General Assembly in 1947, works to conserve and sustain North Carolina’s fish and wildlife resources through research, scientific management, wise use, and public input. The Commission is the regulatory agency responsible for the enforcement of N.C. fishing, hunting, trapping and boating laws. The agency receives financial support through the sale of hunting and fishing licenses, federal grants and other receipts. The Commission employs over 590 full-time staff across the state, including wildlife and fisheries biologists and technicians, wildlife officers, conservation educators, and public information, customer service, information technology, and administrative professionals.

Clean Air Carolina was founded in Charlotte in 2003 by passionate volunteers to advocate for clean healthy air and climate health solutions. We are especially driven and concerned about those groups most impacted by air pollution and climate change. We’re supported by individuals, businesses, and foundations. Clean Air Carolina now champions a statewide initiative to raise North Carolina’s air quality to exceed that of scientific recommendations, through Medical Advocates for Healthy Air, the statewide network of AirKeepers and research partnerships, and hands-on education programs for all ages.
Join us to ensure cleaner air quality for all communities through education and advocacy and by working with our partners to reduce sources of pollution.

Established in 1975, the Triangle Universities Center for Advanced Studies Inc. (TUCASI) is the home of the three Founding Universities (Duke University, NC State University, and UNC-Chapel Hill) within the Research Triangle Park. Set on a 120-acre campus, TUCASI houses organizations that bring together faculty from the three universities with Park scientists and researchers.

PurpleAir is a proven air quality monitoring solution for home enthusiasts and air quality professionals alike. Using a new generation of laser particle counters to provide real time measurement of (amongst other data), PM1.0, PM2.5 and PM10. PurpleAir sensors are easy to install, requiring a power outlet and WiFi. They use WiFi to report in real time to the PurpleAir Map.

SciStarter.org provides free services and resources to boost your recruiting and research efforts. Through partnerships with the Girls Scouts USA, Discover, PBS, National Science Teachers Association, universities, school districts and more, SciStarter connects your project, event, or tool to people where they are, In the process,  powerful analytics advance research across the field of citizen science and help you measure the collective impact of your work. Discover how to become a SciStarter affiliate to reap the promotional and research benefits of SciStarter’s global and local collaborations by emailing info@SciStarter.org. SciStarter, a research affiliate of Arizona State University’s School for the Future of Innovation in Society, is supported by the National Science Foundation, NASA, Schmidt Futures and other foundations

Since 1945, North Carolina Wildlife Federation has worked for all wildlife and habitat bringing together citizens, outdoor enthusiasts, hunters and anglers, government and industry to protect North Carolina’s natural resources. Engaging the natural world is a cornerstone of NCWF history and philosophy. Supporting access to wild places and opportunities to enjoy them is a defining feature of our organization. We work collectively for the places and species that have no voice through our policy and protection work, research and education and direct hands-on conservation projects.