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Plans underway for membership, Board

The work of building the association is beginning to take shape. With much to be done towards establishing membership, leadership, and the infrastructure to support association services, the Governance Committee met in January, 2014, at the Commons Lab of the Wilson Center in Washington, DC.
Questions facing a new association include: who are potential members, and what do members need? What are the mission, vision, and scope of the association? How can support structures be put in place (and funded) to serve those members?
To address these early needs, an interim Steering Committee has been established that will serve until a more permanent Board can be elected by membership (anticipated for early 2015). One first step: launching a questionnaire that will offer a pathway to free, inaugural membership in the association. Early inaugural members will have the opportunity to weigh in on draft mission and vision statements.
More information and a link to the two-page meeting report are available for comments in the Planning archives.

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