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Call for nominations: Board of Directors

We are currently soliciting nominations to serve on the first Board of Directors for the newly forming Citizen Science Association (CSA). As you may know, CSA is in its first year as a membership organization, with over 2,000 members registered. CSA’s specific mission is to “advance citizen science through communication, coordination, and education.” In order to accomplish this important mission, CSA will need outstanding leadership.
We are seeking individuals to collectively represent a diversity of expertise and experience to move CSA forward. Areas of interest include citizen science programs and activities, financial planning and management, prior experience serving on non-profit boards, fundraising, and strategic planning.
Foundational CSA activities include a web site, bi-annual conferences, and the publication of a peer-reviewed online journal. Moving forward, CSA aims to provide:

  • tools and resources, including best practice guides and case studies
  • practitioner training, such as through webinars
  • networking services via listserves, a job board, and special interest groups
  • representation and advocacy for innovation and engagement in science
  • leadership for advancement across this diverse field

With respect to logistics and time commitments, the Board will meet in person once per year. During bi-annual CSA conference years, the Board meeting will be in conjunction with the conference. the first such meeting will ‘bookend’ the first Conference (February 10-11th, 2015). Additionally, there will be three virtual meetings per year, with the possibility of supplemental email conversations or phone calls as needed for urgent decisions. It is not yet determined if the CSA will be able to cover travel costs for board members to attend meetings. Terms of service for members of the initial Board will be one, two, or three years, to be appointed by the Board once it is in place (i.e., the goal is to have three cohorts with a third of the members rotating off each year).

If you are interested in nominating yourself,
please provide the following information to by September 15, 2014.

  • Name
  • Institution (if applicable)
  • Phone/email
  • Short biographical information (250 words maximum)
  • Personal statement regarding what you can bring to the Board (250 words maximum)
If you are interested in nominating someone else, please provide the following information to by September 15, 2014.

  • Name of person you are nominating
  • Phone/email of person you are nominating
  • Why you think this person would be a good candidate for the Board (250 words maximum)

Questions regarding the nomination process should be sent to:
The CSA Nomination Committee
Sandra Henderson, John McLaughlin, Bill Michener, John Tweddle

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