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Inaugural Board: slate and terms of service

From the Nominating Committee:
On November 4th, all Citizen Science Association members should have received an email ballot to vote on the slate for the CSA’s inaugural Board. We hope everyone takes this responsibility seriously and exercise the right to have your voice heard.
We would again like to thank everyone for the thoughtful nominations for the inaugural Board. This community is truly fortunate to have so many highly qualified people willing to serve. From the nominations received, we have put together a slate of twelve potential Board members that we feel can provide the guidance needed to foster our growth.
We would like to clarify the terms of service for the twelve members inaugural Board. Pending approval, four members of this Board will serve for one year, four members will serve for two years, and four members will serve for three years. It will be up to the Board members to decide who will serve which terms, a decision that will likely be better informed after their service begins.
A short bio and personal statement for each of the twelve members of the proposed slate can be seen here.
All CSA members have until Sunday, November 30th, to cast a vote. Reminder messages and ballots will be sent to all members who have not yet voted – if you are expecting a ballot and have not received one, please contact Results of the election will be tallied beginning in December, and reported to the community by the middle of the month.

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