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Welcome, CSA's first Board of Directors!

Membership has voted to approve the first Board of Directors for the Citizen Science Association. We are pleased to introduce the slate of twelve:

Tom Baker
Rick Bonney
Darlene Cavalier
Nolan Doesken
Mary Ford
Muki Haklay
Eric Jolly
Rebecca Jordan
Greg Newman
Raj Pandya
Kris Stepenuck
Martin Storksdieck

Short biographies and personal statements from each member are available here.
Voting indicated a 95% rate of approval for the slate, with a 37% rate of participation in the election. Comments on the process were much appreciated, and are being synthesized to share with the new Board.
Board members will be in attendance at the Citizen Science 2015 Conference in San Jose, and a meet-and-greet is being arranged to give all attending a chance to connect with these individuals in person.

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