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Announcing Citizen Science Today

A new online aggregator for articles and literature about Citizen Science

By Caren Cooper and Lucy Fortson
We’re excited to share news from our colleagues at the Zooniverse on the launch of the online journal Citizen Science Today (CST) – a publication made possible by PressForward complementary to the forthcoming CSA’s journal.
Citizen science will be advanced by moving forward on two fronts: creating a space for scholarly exchanges across disciplines, and by aggregating peer-reviewed and gray literature contributions from the numerous disciplines on frontiers of citizen science.
The CSA’s journal, Citizen Science: Theory & Practice (first issue coming soon!), is a scholarly venue for exchanging new understanding of, and inquiry into, citizen science via peer-review of studies on theory and practice of citizen science. But peer reviewed publications are only one mechanism for sharing information about citizen science. What about the wealth of knowledge not making its way to peer-review?

Citizen Science Today
is born out of this complementary need to more widely share blog posts, evaluation summaries, methods and protocols, and technical reports as well as policy and ethics statements.
Citizen Science Today takes a crowdsourcing approach for finding and sharing information, aggregating online resources curated by editors to highlight good writing and clear-sighted scholarship related to citizen science. New content will be available the first Tuesday of every month and no subscription is necessary.
Both publications will provide greater visibility and legitimacy to the field of citizen science, ensuring that a wide breadth of exchanges can lead to synthesis and scholarship instead of silos of findings being shared narrowly between practitioners, funders, and evaluators.

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