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CSA website changes – what to expect in 2016

Thanks to a partnership with the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, the Citizen Science Association is adopting the URL and website
This transition comes with a brand new web interface (you are currently visiting the beta site), as well as infrastructure for more robust functionality. We look forward to building out added features over the coming years to best serve our membership and the broader community.
Over the early part of 2016, you can anticipate the following changes:

  • In mid-February, this site will take over the URL [UPDATE mid-Feb: now successfully brings readers to the new site, but via a redirect to the URL In April, the staging URL will go away – please set any bookmarks to current content to read in order for links to stay live after this transition.]
  • The “old”, also known as Citizen Science Central, will remain live for the time being at the URL If you currently link to content on the Citizen Science Central website, please update those links to begin with this extension (for example, should become

We very much look forward to the improvements that the move to this new site can offer the citizen science community, and thank you for your patience in the process of “packing and unpacking,” so to speak!

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