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Downloadable logos for Citizen Science Day

Hosting a Citizen Science Day event? Want to promote the celebration of Citizen Science Day?
Please use this logo to help spread the word!
And be creative: add your event’s dates, adapt to match your organization’s branding, create tiles for social media – whatever moves you! Just keep it positive, see our CC licensing, and please send us your designs – we’d love to share work that can help promote Citizen Science Day.
Basic logo. Use this except in cases when incompatible with color schemes.
Web: GIF (8 KB)  or JPEG (78 KB)
Print (will not scale indefinitely, see .eps file option below): TIF (2 MB)
Grayscale. Use only in cases when materials will be printed in black and white.
Print (will not scale indefinitely): TIF (690 KB)
Other configurations. To inspire some creativity!
Horizontal: GIF (12 KB)
Graph style: GIF (7 KB)
Want full creative access, or need to go big? Download the vector format logo, EPS (3.2 MB).
(for help with downloading .eps files, see
Font: Nexa Rust, basic version downloadable for free (by FontFabric)

What does this design signify?

From the designer, mykartious!, on 99Designs:

“… the circles over “ITI” of citizen are the main point of the logo. the circles looks like the heads of people which makes “iti” look like people standing together… The heads are connected as if the people were connecting. It is very obvious that the circles also form the structure of H2O which I used as the basic example of science.”

We also think that the circles could also represent points on a graph, signifying data as one central theme across all kinds of citizen science projects. What do you think?

The Citizen Science Day logo is licensed under a
Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

Creative Commons License


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