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Reaffirming the Citizen Science Association’s Welcome

Citizen science is built around a body of evidence and experience that shows how much can be accomplished through cooperation and collaboration. It is based on the premise that people from many different backgrounds and walks of life can work together to advance science. In this way, citizen science enables us to ask more questions and even new kinds of questions, to collect more data and new kinds of data, and to enhance our ability to analyze and make meaning from these data. Diversity of viewpoints and a variety of experiences strengthen the field of citizen science by prompting diverse interpretations and offering broader analyses and critiques. By helping connect multiple kinds of expertise, citizen science connects discovery to impact.
The recent U.S. executive order restricting immigration into the country contradicts the collaborative spirit that is at the core of citizen science. It jeopardizes the interchange and interaction of people, information, data, and ideas, and in doing so, it endangers the growth of the field of citizen science, which still in its infancy and has much to contribute.
The Citizen Science Association continues to invite all citizens of the Earth to be part of and benefit from science. In light of the recent executive order, we reaffirm our welcome to people from all nations and backgrounds. We especially want to express this welcome to people from countries that are predominantly Muslim, who are most directly impacted by U.S. travel policies. We ask everyone to join us, the CSA Board and conference planning committee, in welcoming our fellow citizen scientists, from wherever they live, work, play, research, and worship.
In this spirit, the CSA is happy to offer letters that confirm an individual’s registration to attend our conference and/or confirm the acceptance of talks or posters at the conference to support prospective attendees’ visa applications.

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