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Webinar: Journals and the Culture of the Peer Review Process

[sg_popup id=”9″ event=”click”][/sg_popup]Even for people working at academic institutions, the journal peer-review process can be a bit of a black box. In this free webinar, Rick Bonney – Editor-in-Chief of CSA’s journal Citizen Science: Theory & Practice – knocks the walls off of that box to explore the ideals, aspirations, and (sometimes) shortcomings of journal peer review. Whether or not you ever plan to publish, if you’ve ever wanted to know more about how papers make it from idea to manuscript to “print” – including who makes decisions, how publications get paid for (and what’s up with firewalls), and what “peer” means in peer review – this webinar shares insight into that culture, including how that culture is changing (and how CSA is helping).
January 18th from 1-2pm ET
This FREE Webinar is available to all – please register here to confirm your place and receive access instructions.
About Rick: Rick Bonney has decades of experience not only in the field of citizen science but also as a writer and editor. Rick was the was the director of publications at the Lab of O before co-founding its Citizen Science Program. He has been a long-time subject editor for citizen science at the journal BioScience and a founding editor of CSA’s journal, Citizen Science: Theory & Practice. Rick is a tough but nurturing editor who has been instrumental in both upholding high standards and opening the publishing process to new audiences for CSA and the citizen science community.

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