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CSA – Strategic Planning in 2018

Since our founding in 2013, CSA has made great strides as a leanly-funded, volunteer-driven organization – but it has been a bit of a whirlwind.
Now, four years into this rapid growth, we are grateful to have received support for strategic planning. It is a much needed opportunity to both step back and to lean in – it is breathing room to take stock of the field, to listen and connect, and to build a thoughtful and intentional plan for the next five years.

Strategic planning gives us a chance to realize the following outcomes:

  1. identify and focus our efforts on activities of highest value to this community
  2. establish the organizational leadership necessary to support these activities
  3. engage existing and new members, partners, and funders in these activities

To do this, we will be reaching out across this community to invite input and reflection and to guide the growth of this organization into the next decade. Early interviews are already underway, and additional engagement opportunities will be coming over the next few months.
We will also be piloting two “affinity groups” in the second half of this year – groups that help people find others with similar interests, to share ideas and resources, find or serve as mentors, and maybe even connect for coffee. These pilot groups will help test what works for fostering vibrant communities within and across this larger field, as a model for additional groups to follow.
This is a timely and vital opportunity to both focus and expand the reach of this Association, to reflect on our values, and be intentional about the culture we cultivate together to grow this field. We are excited about this opportunity to learn together and find ways forward, to break down barriers and build connections, and to enliven this community in support of the best in citizen science.
We are grateful to the Pisces Foundation for providing support for this strategic planning work. Pisces seeks ways to accelerate a world where people and nature thrive together. 

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