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2020 CSA Board Elections

Announcing candidates for the 2020-2023 term on CSA’s Board of Directors

The Nominations Committee is pleased to put forward the following ballot of candidates to fill the two open seats on the CSA Board of Directors. From this ballot, the two candidates with the most votes will be elected to join the CSA Board. Elected candidates will serve a 3-year term beginning in May.

As you review the candidate profiles, we urge you to evaluate them on the skills and ideas each might bring to help advance our still fledgling organization. We rely on Board members to shape the future of the Association by establishing policy, securing support for operations, and ensuring that the organization can achieve its mission and carry out our strategic plan (read more about board member responsibilities here). We’re a growing and dynamic field in a growing and dynamic world, and we are still in the midst of establishing the structures and practices that can best support you and your work.

The current Board has selected two areas of experience or expertise that are critical to enhance membership value and Association development. These are fundraising (specifically regarding major donors, sponsorships, and organizational partnerships), and organizational governance (specifically board maturation, and transitioning from working to governing boards). Please keep these critical areas in mind when you vote.  

Voting is open to active, dues-paying members of the Citizen Science Association. For more information about becoming a paid member, please visit

Voting will close on 23 April at 11:59 pm local time EXTENDED until 30 April 2020, at midnight ET. Please email with any questions or concerns. EDIT: if you are challenged to join or renew right now due to COVID-19, please contact for options.

Read FULL candidate profiles here:
Login to member portal to vote here:

Candidate short statements:

(access full statements here or by clicking on each candidate’s name)

Calvin A. Cupini, Program Manager Citizen Science Clean Air Carolina: Creator of the AirKeepers program, interested in the “now what” of our work through the law and policy working group, community partnerships, and innovative fundraising. 

Alan Edwards, Multiple companies, as CEO: International business executive, consultant and entrepreneur, with STEM background & five degrees, that has raised multiple multi-million project financings.

Melinda Butsch Kovacic, Professor, Associate Dean: A passionate community-partnered epidemiologist is on a mission to promote health & grow productive capacity via citizen science in under-resourced communities. 

Prof. Jagannatha Rao KS, Director and CEO, Institute for Scientific Research and Technological Advances (INDICASAT AIP): Dr. Rao is building Biomedical Research and Education. Rao established Future scientists programs for young school kids and developing Science-based Healthy kitchens.

Ted Smith, University of Louisville: Passionate about science and backbone organizations like CSA. An empathetic listener and joyful fundraiser with gov/org/com/edu experience.

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