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2021 Call for CSA Board Nominations

This is a once-a-year solicitation of interest in service on CSA’s Board. The Board of Directors is the governing and managing body of the Citizen Science Association, with the fiscal responsibility for the resources of this community. Board members generate and implement both policies and strategies to build CSA community and programming. Board members also serve as the public face of the CSA, helping to grow support for CSA priorities.

Nominations are due by midnight (EST) on April 15th, 2021.

This year, the Nominations Committee is establishing a pool of interested and qualified nominees from which candidates can be tapped for service. The Board is looking to fill two open positions via an election process in May. These two positions will each be for a three-year term beginning in June of 2021.

Nominations of others and self-applications are equally encouraged. Before making a nomination, please familiarize yourself with the priority areas of expertise needed, as well as with the CSA board member job description (details follow).

Skills sought:

The board has taken on an effort to be best suited for the future of the CSA. As the organization grows, the makeup of the board is essential to its success. In considering nominees for the upcoming board election, please keep in mind their fit for the CSA in the following areas of expertise:

  • Finance and Accounting
  • Non-profit fundraising
  • Non-profit law, and organizational governance policy
  • Communications and outreach
  • Diversity, Equity, Justice and Inclusion

We encourage nominations that bring diverse perspectives and disciplines to the board. While enthusiasm for work in this field is critical, what is more important are a nominee’s skills that can help CSA grow its capacity to advance strategic work and growth to serve this member community and field.

About Board Service:

As the body responsible for the governance and fiscal health of the Citizen Science Association, members of the Board must commit to attend board and committee meetings, follow through on commitments, and participate fully in the process of financing and implementing the strategic plan. A board member job description is available on the CSA website at

Board members are expected to attend monthly Board and committee meetings, as well as one in-person board meeting each year. During conference years, the in-person board meeting typically occurs at the conference. Travel to the in-person meeting is self-funded.

Nominations Process:

To nominate someone other than yourself, please do so in a timely manner as we will need to have all nominees respond to the application form before midnight (US eastern time) on 15 April 2021. You can nominate someone either by directly encouraging a candidate to submit an application or by emailing candidate suggestions to

To submit an application as a nominee, use the form below. You will be asked to provide contact information and a brief background on your relevant experience and skills.

Application form:

Selection process:

The Nominations Committee will consider applicants for inclusion on the 2021 Ballot. Candidates will be considered based on the priority needs stated above, as well as with an eye towards diversifying the Board.

Voting will be open to members in good standing as of 1 May 2021, when ballots will be distributed.

Any questions or concerns can be directed to the committee via

Thank you for your commitment to improving the Citizen Science Association by making a nomination of a candidate or candidates.

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