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Celebrating 10 years Advancing Participatory Sciences

We are proud of the work we have done over the past ten years, and all of the people who have helped to build this field and Association. An event on October 5th, 2023 celebrated this history and community and propelled us into the future and a new phase of growth. This new phase includes affirming our identity an embracing a new name, the Association for Advancing Participatory Sciences (more on the name change here)

This event marked the launch of a new Awards program to honor those whose work inspires and enables the best in this field. Three awards are announced, two of which were awarded as part of this event (for Distinguished Service and for Leadership). Two were also named in recognition of individuals whose groundbreaking efforts have laid foundations for those to come. Learn more about this new program, and the awardees in the program document below.

New awards and awardees

10 Big Ideas for the Future of Participatory Sciences

The October 5th event featured ten speakers who have been part of building this field and Association. Each speaker was asked:

What is the biggest opportunity to advance the participatory sciences in the next ten years? What can an Association for Advancing Participatory Sciences do to support this?”

Bridging the past with the future; these speakers and other leaders have also nominated individuals whose voices are shaping new directions for this field. Videos of each speakers’ one-minute contributions are available here. Bios available starting on page 12 of program document linked below.

Recognizing the volunteers who advance this Association 

Our Association, much like the field, draws its strengths from the many volunteers who bring their skills, interests, and dedication to ensuring the work of the Association gets done. Included in the program document in an inventory of the leaders and volunteers who have helped shape the past 10 years of this Association. You’ll find details on past Board of Directors, group leaders and members, and conference volunteers. We have made an effort to acknowledge contributors from over the course of ten years but are aware that there may be omissions. Contact info[@] before the end of December, 2023, for inclusions to be reflected in the final document.

10 Year Celebration Event Program by Citizen Science Association

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