Citizen Science Month: April

In just a few years, Global Citizen Science Month (April) has grown from a single day of events to a coordinated month-long effort supported by SciStarter, the National Library of Medicine (NLM) through the Network of the National Library of Medicine (NNLM), Arizona State University, the Association for Advancing Participatory Sciences, Science Friday, National Geographic, and many other collaborators from around the world.

This year, we invite everyone, everywhere to make a collective impact of One Million Acts of Science.  This is an opportunity to (re)inspire your communities to (re)engage in your project throughout April!


An Act will typically include participation in a citizen science/community science/crowdsourcing/participatory research project. Other Acts might include attending an online or in-person event, or completing trainings offered by project leaders. All Acts have one thing in common: they help more people participate in efforts to advance research together. 

How to leverage One Million Acts of Science to increase participation in your project:

Project leaders are invited to sign up to indicate your interest, inspire your communities to (re)engage in your project throughout April, and to  report activities the # of Acts (data contributions, analysis, attendance at events, etc). By signing up, your project will be among those featured on the website and promoted by SciStarter and its media partners leading up to and during the month of April!

After you register to indicate your interest, we’ll send you updates, social media prompts you can customize for your own project and social media channels, tips to inspire your communities, and updates on One Million Acts of Science.

For more information on CitSciMonth partnerships, visit our homepage,