Tuesday, June 4th at 2:55 EDT (UTC -4)

Inspiring Collaborations that Drive Collective Impacts

A collaborative conversation
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Realizing our collective impact

Participatory science projects are built on the idea that by combining individual efforts we can do more together – more science, more learning, more voices raised to make change in the world. We often think about these outcomes in terms of individual projects, but collaborations across projects–or with project partners–can amplify efforts and inspire even greater impacts. This year’s One Million Acts of Science, as one example, showcased the ability to mobilize energy and knowledge at all scales in service to science. Through a fishbowl format and online collaboration tools, targeted contributors and audience members alike will explore the opportunities for collective impacts, how to inspire and how to measure impacts at large scales, and small steps towards combined efforts that can yield huge results.

Convened and moderated by Darlene Cavalier (Arizona State University; SciStarter), this session will feature various voices offering insights into ways to build for collective impact – including, perhaps, you!

Founder of, cofounder of Expert and Citizen Assessment of Science and Technology (ECAST), founder of ScienceCheerleaders, cofounder, author: Rightful Place of Science: Citizen Science, coauthor Field Guide to Citizen Science, author Science of Cheerleading; founding Board Member CSA; National Geographic Fellow.