2023 NASA Citizen Science Leaders Community Event

On Monday May 22, 2023, the NASA Citizen Science Community will gather in Tempe, Arizona, to exchange ideas, learn from NASA leadership, and forge connections for new and stronger collaborations. This full-day event will start informally with evening networking on Sunday, will extend into hands-on workshops Tuesday morning, and will include options to engage in a larger conference beginning Tuesday afternoon. Limited virtual opportunities are available for select sessions on Monday and throughout the week.

This will be the first in-person gathering of the NASA CitSci Leaders Community since 2019 and is a unique opportunity to deepen relationships and advance initiatives forged online in the interim. Project leaders will have the opportunity to share successes and challenges with peers in order to build on lessons learned and accelerate innovative work. Collaborative sessions will invite insights into ways that NASA leadership can continue to improve support for projects and remain on the leading edge of discovery and broader engagement. Half-day, skills-building workshops will be available for registrants on Tuesday May 23rd, to include relevant topics such as building a project on Zooniverse, advancing Open Science efforts, using tools for ethical data practices, and more.

This event will precede the larger citizen science community’s C*Sci2023 Conference (May 23-26,2023) with opportunities for NASA CitSci leaders to engage with the larger community of practice in this field, and to highlight NASA’s leadership in scientific discovery through volunteer insights and contributions.

This event is designed for active members of the NASA citizen science leaders community and open to a limited number of others considering proposing NASA-relevant projects. NASA citizen science is focused on science outcomes and this event will focus on topics that help project leaders succeed.