Data Quality Resources

The Data Quality Resource Compendium is a round up of documents, manuals, and workbooks produced for the participatory sciences. Each entry provides a link to the resource, information about the authors and intended audience, and which aspects of the data management cycle are addressed. The compendium is the first step in a project to identify gaps and needs for additional resources to support the participatory sciences.

The Compendium is intended to be a living library. Collated and described by a group of volunteers, its current form is a starting point and represents the resources we were able to identify at the time of last update (2021). We note that there are gaps in coverage representing some science areas, geographic/political contexts, and stages of the data lifecycle. If you know of additional data quality resources relevant to the participatory sciences, please click the Add a Resource button to have it included in future iterations of the spreadsheet.

This list of resources was curated by Quality Assurance/ Quality Control Project team of the AAPS Data and Metadata Working Group. The resource compendium is updated annually by group members in AAPS Connect. Learn more about AAPS Groups here.