Citizen Science and Youth Learning

“I can find citizen science opportunities that relate to almost any interest of our youth, connecting them to the larger world of science.”

— Bill Million, 4-H Educator

Citizen science involves the public as participants in real world scientific research, in partnership with scientists or scientific organizations. Citizen science has much to offer youth, and youth educators, as a way to make Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) learning accessible, relevant, and meaningful.

New resources are available to help educators and youth organizations understand and tap into citizen science. The first document in a series, Citizen Science: Activating STEM Learning Out Of School, shares how citizen science offers youth and educators unique opportunities to observe and explore the world through authentic research experiences.

No matter where they live, youth and educators can take part in real-world science that is engaging, that responds to their interests, and that makes connections between science and the world around them. In supportive out-of-school learning environments in every community, citizen science can activate curiosity, creativity, and critical thinking, setting up our next generation of leaders with the habits of mind to create a prosperous future for us all.

Best of all — citizen science is fun!