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Vision and mission statements – vote by 15 March 2014

15 March 2014 is the last day for new members to vote on proposed vision and mission statements for the Citizen Science Association.
The offer of free, inaugural membership will extend beyond this deadline, but members must join by 15 March to weigh in on the proposed statements, below:
Proposed VISION statements:

  • A world where people understand, value, and participate in citizen science
  • A global community of practice for citizen science

Proposed MISSION statements:

  • Foster communication, collaboration, and professional development in citizen science
  • Advance citizen science through communication, coordination and education

For an outline of Association goals, click here.
UPDATE 17 MARCH: voting is now closed, but additional opportunities to vote on key decisions will be offered to members throughout this first year. Outcomes of this vote will be posted after tallying responses.

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