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Members, check your inbox…

A welcome message was sent on 20 MARCH 2014 to all new members of the Association who joined before that date. The message was titled, “Welcome! and conference announcement,” from the sender, “Citizen Science Association.”
Not ringing a bell? Please check your various inboxes, including spam. The long, default “from” address, citizenscienceassociation -at- gmail -dot- com may have triggered spam filters.  Also, the CSA is using the service MailChimp to manage messages. This service occasionally is flagged by mail servers – more information can be found on this Q&A page from MailChimp.
If you believe you should have received a message, and the above information doesn’t help, please get in touch (see email address above) and we will do our best to help make sure you’re in the system.

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