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Communications update

A quick update on the work of the Web/Communications Committee:
We are pleased to have recently received some private foundation support for the Association  – among other things, this will support more and better communication work about the Association and citizen science. To do this well, we are digging into responses to the Membership Questionnaire to understand who makes up this audience, and how we can best reach different groups – as years in citizen sciencewell as who we may not yet be reaching. This will help us develop a communications plan – who to partner with to help share news and ideas.
In the meantime, we will continue to share information on this website (you can follow), and through monthly updates to members (membership is still open, and still free). Not sure you want to be a member, or looking for other ways to connect with this community? You can join a discussion-based listserv on, to both hear and share ideas about the growing field. Many people are also Tweeting about Association work: among others, follow @SciStarter, @AlisonKestrel, @CoopSciScoop, @ShirkSci.
For another multi-directional conversation about the Association, look for more regular (maybe quarterly?) webinars. Our webinar last fall generated a lot of conversation about the journal, in particular, so we may be tackling more specific aspects of Association services along those lines.
What do you want to hear about from the Association?
Where do you look for information about citizen science?

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  • I find it strange that the Citizen Science Association doesn’t have its own Twitter account. Surely a great way help spread the word – those already tweeting are doing a great job but I think the Association needs its own account.

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