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Conference Communications: Committee Update

The Citizen Science Association Conference Committee Advisory Board has met many times since last fall gathering ideas, writing proposals, and getting organized for the next citizen science conference. All that hard work has paid off and just a few weeks ago we announced that the next conference, Citizen Science 2015 (the theme of which is still being worked out) will be held in in San Jose, CA. This event is a pre-conference of the 2015 American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) Annual Meeting. Conference Details

Welcome Fiona Brady – Conference Coordinator

Now that we have a time and place, we’ve also managed to secure some funding to hire a conference coordinator to help keep all the subcommittees on task and organized and ensure that you have a great conference experience in 2015. Fiona Brady has been hired to take on the role of conference coordinator. Fiona organized multi-disciplinary conferences for the American Museum of Natural History’s Center for Biodiversity and Conservation for more than a decade, and is a member of the Climate and Urban Systems Partnership working group in New York City. We’re very excited to have Fiona on board!

We’re now forming Subcommittees

Of course, a conference of this size and scope cannot be developed by just one person, so that is where you, the citizen science community come in. We’re in the process of forming subcommittees for various parts of the conference planning. Many people have already volunteered to be on one or more of these subcommittees when they registered with the new Citizen Science Association. Most of the subcommittees will hold their first meetings sometime in May. If you would still like to be on one of these subcommittees but haven’t been contacted, please get in touch with Fiona Brady and she will get you in touch with your committee of interest.

Subcommittees and Chairs

Program – Meg Domroese
Fundraising – Meg Domroese and Linda Silka
Local/Field Trips – Kaberi Kar Gupta
Diversity and Inclusion – Tim Vargo and Kaberi Kar Gupta
Communications and Social Media – Sarah Newman

Stay tuned!

With subcommittees starting, much more will be happening in the coming weeks. We will continue to keep you updated with new information. We’re looking forward to seeing you all at Citizen Science 2015 in San Jose!

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