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Vote for the CSA's first Board of Directors

The Nominating Committee for the Citizen Science Association Board of Directors would like to thank everyone for the thoughtful nominations for the inaugural Board.  This community is truly fortunate to have so many highly qualified people willing to serve.  From the nominations received, the Committee has put together a slate of 12 potential Board members that we feel represents the diversity of undertakings in the Association and can provide the guidance needed to foster our growth.
All members of the Citizen Science Association as of 1 November 2014 will receive a ballot that includes a short bio and personal statement for each of the members of the slate. Members will be asked to provide a yes or no vote for adoption of this slate in its entirety for the first Board. Voting will close on Sunday, November 30th. Results of the election will be provided by the middle of December.
Interested in receiving a ballot? Become a member by 1 November 2014.

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