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What does it take to launch the CitSci2015 Conference?

Gathering so many passionate advocates for citizen science in one place at one time is a major undertaking. But we are moving down the path to CitSci2015 in San Jose because we are all excited to share ideas, insights, best practices, and enthusiasm so that the field can grow!
Who is we? It’s more than 60 volunteers participating on various Citizen Science Association committees and conference working groups. This group includes university researchers, citizen science professionals at nonprofit organizations, teachers, and volunteers who contribute their time to citizen science. It’s all of you who have marked February 11 and 12, 2015 on your calendars to be at the CSA’s first official conference! We share the vision of including more people in understanding, valuing, and participating in science.

Making this vision a reality is tough; it takes time, energy, and, of course, it costs money. Some of that money will come from registration fees. Many participants will have their travel costs paid through universities or through research grants, but we all know that this is an “old” way of doing things, that citizen science is about engaging more folks than just those with well-funded research labs. That is why the conference fundraising working group has been reaching out to organizations who share our vision to help with sponsorships or grants.
We are also appealing to the crowd to help. Citizen science is all about broadening participation in science, in effect, democratizing how new knowledge is created. Along these lines, by asking many people to donate small amounts, say $10 or $20–or more–to a great cause, we can mimic the role that citizen science plays in society through our fundraising efforts.
What can you do?

  • Share the information about the benefits of becoming a conference sponsor.
  • Contribute to help us reach our crowdfunding goal — and share with friends, family, and coworkers (see below for suggestions).
  • Bring your ideas and passion to the conference!

Crowdfunding for #CitSci2015 is on! Support the first #CitizenScience conference & donate today!
Bring together a diverse community of people to grow #citizenscience! Donate to #CitSci2015!
Together, we can make a difference! Support #CitSci2015 with your donation today! #citizenscience #citsci
I just made a donation to #CitSci2015! Will you donate too?  #citizenscience #citsci
Have you had a positive experience from citizen science? You can ensure that others get a chance to be changed by citizen science too! Make a donation to the #CitSci2015 Conference!
Be a part of bringing together a diverse community of people to grow the #citizenscience community by making a donation to the #CitSci2015 Conference!
#CitizenScience spreads research among a much wider field than is traditionally seen. To mirror that approach to science, the Citizen Science Association is looking to the crowd to help make its first gathering possible. Please share this post and consider donating to help support the Citizen Science 2015 Conference!

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