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Register early for a better Citizen Science 2015

I’m sure you’re already excited about Citizen Science 2015 (CitSci2015) and the opportunities the gathering will offer both you and the wider citizen science community. By registering early, you can maximize these opportunities.
Citizen Science 2015 Flyer snapshot
Firstly, early registration will ensure your meeting cost remains low. If your attendance is determined by budget, act now. The more people who are at CitSci2015, the more knowledge will be shared. Everybody wants you there! CitSci2015 is a pre-conference of the Annual Meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) and by signing up for our conference you will automatically qualify for the AAAS meeting discounted rate of US$235. Even if you aren’t attending the AAAS meeting you will still be able to take advantage of the discounted flights and hotel rooms available to AAAS attendees. You’ll get a code for your first-come-first-served room discount as soon as you register for CitSci2015.
Secondly, whilst there is no doubt that the conference program for CitSci2015 is going to provide an excellent forum for making new professional connections, you don’t want to miss out on the more informal atmosphere at the designated conference hotels. The connections you make or consolidate at the hotel bar after a long day of talks, workshops and symposiums can lead to some of the most productive collaborations. Another great reason to book before discounted accommodation runs out. You don’t want to be sitting on your own in the airport hotel!
Finally, booking early will help the CitSci2015 organizers produce the best gathering possible. The earlier they know how many attendees they will be hosting the sooner they can make sure the room is big enough for your panel discussion, the better they can plan mixers and networking events and the quicker they can start communicating information to you about how you can make the most of the meeting.
Registration is open now. Please join us in San Jose.

Edd Hind is Lecturer in Environmental Policy and Socioeconomic Values at the School for Field Studies’ Center for Marine Resource Studies. He is a member of the Citizen Science 2015 Communications Committee. Reach out to him on Twitter @edd_hind

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