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CSA Board Nomination FAQs

Additional responses will be added as questions arise. See more details on Board nominations and service.
Q: How much of a time commitment is CSA board service?
A: Every month the board has a conference call that lasts approximately one hour. Twice a year we meet in person. The expectation is that everyone attends at least nine calls/meetings per year, including at least one in-person meeting. In addition, board members work on committees and in working groups. The amount of time each board member spends on CSA business is approximately two hours per week and can be much more, depending on specific duties

Q: What type of financial commitment do CSA board members make?
A: There is currently no requirement to make a financial contribution, although board members are strongly encouraged to donate to the CSA. Board giving is an effective catalyst for financial support from other sources, and the board is currently drafting a fundraising strategy and personal giving policy. In addition, board members are asked to cover their own travel to board meetings.

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