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Details on CSA Board Nomination Process

Nominations for the Board of Directors of the Citizen Science Association are being solicited through 31 December 2015. Additional details follow, below, from the Governance and Nominations (G & N) Committee regarding this year’s nominations and election process.
In 2016 we will be replacing four outgoing board members from our board of 12. Nominations are currently being solicited (go to nomination form – NOW CLOSED) for candidates for these leadership positions (read job description).
In early January, the G & N Committee will contact each nominee and ask him or her to submit a resume and a brief self-appraisal form describing 1) what he or she believes to be the major concerns facing the citizen science community, and 2) the skills and/or experience that he or she would expect to contribute to the board. The G & N Committee and Executive Committee will review all materials submitted by each nominee and will select between eight and 12 nominees for the ballot. CSA members will then have the opportunity to cast up to four votes for any candidates on the ballot. Voting will take place electronically and will be open for at least one month. Members will have access to biographical information on each candidate.
The G & N and Executive Committees has identified the following priorities for board members and will consider these when selecting candidates for the ballot:

  • Experience in fundraising
  • Experience in strategic planning and business planning
  • Experience in board development

Of equal importance is our desire for the board to represent diversity across a range of attributes. Diversity includes discipline or field (e.g. ecology, astronomy, art, etc), employment sector (e.g., corporate, public, university, non-profit), and roles within citizen science (e.g., participant, community leader, project manager, researcher, educator). Diversity also encompasses the whole range of human experiences including, but not limited to, age, gender and gender identity, sexual orientation, racial classification, ethnicity, religion, socioeconomic class, physical disabilities, national origin, geographical location, political orientation, physical size, and appearance.
The identified priorities and a focus on diversity will inform the selection of candidates for the final ballot. The G &N Committee will also be responsive to the issues and perspectives that emerge from the balance of nominees.
We enthusiastically encourage members to nominate themselves or others.  Nominees should familiarize themselves with the CSA board job description that can be found at Please see responses to several Frequently Asked Questions – additional questions and concerns should be directed to board Vice-Chair Mary Ford at or 202-857-7316.
We look forward to your nominations!
The CSA Governance & Nominating Committee and Executive Committee
Mary Ford
Raj Pandya
Greg Newman
Rick Bonney
Kris Stepenuck
Martin Storksdieck

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