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Call for Nominations, CSA Board Members

Nominations for the CSA Board are open! There will be several open positions available for three-year terms that begin in February 2016.
Self-nominations and nominations of others are encouraged. If nominating someone else, please confirm his or her interest in serving if elected. You will be asked to provide contact info for the nominee as well as a brief background on her or his relevant experience and skills.
Please use the link below to provide nominations. Accessing the link provides an overview of all details needed to submit.

Nominations are due by December 31, 2015. A job description outlining CSA Board Member Responsibilities can be downloaded here. Please read responses to Frequently Asked Questions, and contact Board Vice Chair Mary Ford at or 202-857-7316 with any remaining questions or concerns.

The CSA Nominating Committee and Executive Committee
Mary Ford
Raj Pandya
Greg Newman
Rick Bonney
Kris Stepenuck
Martin Storksdieck

3 thoughts on “Call for Nominations, CSA Board Members

  • Can there be an update here (or a link to the current bylaws if I am unaware of it) as to the voting rules? The initial round of selecting the board was a one shot, vote for the whole board up or down. That seemed a bit odd, but understandable given that it was the first ever board. For this round, will individuals nominees be on the ballot? Is there a limit to the size of the board? Is there a required threshold and quorum required for each nominee to be successfully elected? Thank you!

    • Mary Ford

      Sorry David, I just saw your comment. I’m actually working on a message outlining the election process right now and we will send that out within the next few days. Thank you for the excellent questions. If you still have questions after seeing the next message from the board, please feel free to email me directly at — Mary Ford, Vice Chair

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