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Together, we are defining the field

[sg_popup id=”9″ event=”onload”][/sg_popup][Excerpt from CSA Newsletter 10 NOV 2017] Your input and feedback is helping to define a Citizen Science Association that reflects the diversity of this field, and that upholds high standards for integrity in research and engagement. Further down in this newsletter are concrete examples – including an invitation for your input into a forthcoming webinar series, and an open call for abstracts for an upcoming conference [deadline 10 JAN 2018].
Citizen science is gaining more and more attention – and with that comes increased scrutiny. This week, founders of the Austrian Citizen Science Network offered a brief Nature Correspondence piece arguing that, “we need a rigorous definition of [citizen science] method to safeguard the reputation of research and the value of public participation.”
Concurrently, a thread on the CSA’s discussion listserv is addressing the diversity of citizen science terms and practices. Touchstones in this conversation include a Citizen Science: Theory & Practice article on terminology that sprung from that very listserv (Eitzel et al. 2017), and a recent report from the RAND Corporation. In a list of Key Findings, the RAND report includes the provocative statement that, “there is some tension and conflict between current standards of practice and the changes required for citizen science to achieve its promising future.”
You are helping to define a Citizen Science Association that will get us to that promising future, a future that broadens understandings of how science can be pursued with integrity in both research and engagement. CSA’s newly adopted Values Statement, strengthened by your input, holds rigorous scientific research and diversity in practices as both integral to that future. This field is enriched by the ingenuity of different communities, and strengthened by each of our commitments to integrity in our work. It is throu gh a growing appreciation of what different communities have to offer, paired with principles and proven practices, that we can collectively safeguard the reputation of this field.
What do you need to advance your practice? What do you have to offer others in this field? We are committed to building opportunities to share and to learn together.

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