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CitSciDay 2018

[sg_popup id=”9″ event=”click”][/sg_popup]The Citizen Science Association, SciStarter, and the Citizen Science Day Working Group are excited to present Citizen Science Day on Saturday April 14th, 2018! The third annual Citizen Science Day celebrates the work of citizen scientists and the diversity of citizen science projects across the world, encourages the public to get involved, and connects people to the power of citizen science.
“Many may not realize the powerful contributions that citizen science makes to scientific discovery, monitoring, and innovation – and many may not know that they can be a part of those efforts. Citizen Science Day is a chance see how we can all make a difference by sharing what we see and what we know – whether that is mapping for disaster relief, helping find cures for diseases, or ensuring our streams are clean,” says Jennifer Shirk, Director of the Citizen Science Association.
Organizations from museums, aquariums, nature centers, government agencies, universities, parks departments, and more have participated in the 2016 and 2017 Citizen Science Day. See the 2017 and 2016 events archived online.
Your organization can celebrate citizen science in many ways:

  1. Host a program on or around April 14th to increase awareness of citizen science and/or to let people participate in citizen science. Past examples include transcription challenges, citizen science hikes, BioBlitzes, hack-a-thons, festivals, science marches, and more.
  2. Outreach for your citizen science projects and recruit volunteers with an open house or training events.
  3. Highlight your standout citizen scientists from the year by recognizing their contributions.
  4. Promote citizen science through your social media platforms to help bring awareness about the breadth and depth of projects and the many ways to become a citizen scientist
  5. Launch that citizen science project you’ve been waiting to get started.
  6. Convene a regional meeting of citizen science practitioners, scientists, land managers, and local government to exchange ideas and create broader impacts for citizen science in your area.
  7. Or come up with your own way to celebrate the day!

Also be sure to check in with the Citizen Science Day webpage on this site for more ideas, resources, and other helpful tips for celebrating and promoting citizen science on April 14!
Once you plan your event, add it to the SciStarter Citizen Science Day Calendar so people can find it! SciStarter will share events through syndicated partners including Discover Magazine, Astronomy Magazine, PBS, PLoS, National Science Teacher’s Association,, Girl Scouts, and more!
“Adding a Citizen Science Day event or project to SciStarter benefits three audiences,” said Darlene Cavalier, Founder of SciStarter. “Event organizers can easily promote events and recruit participants; the public can find and join events and projects; and researchers can analyze data about the projects and events and study the movement and outcomes of people engaged these events.”
We are excited to celebrate citizen science with you on April 14!
For more information about Citizen Science Day, contact the task force:
Lila Higgins (
Catherine Hoffman (
Alison Young (
Interested in supporting Citizen Science Day? We’re actively looking for funders and sponsors. Contact us for more information.

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