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Special Issue Call for Papers: Ethics

[sg_popup id=”9″ event=”click”][/sg_popup]Announcing a call for papers (abstracts due15 JAN 2018) for a special issue of Citizen Science: Theory and Practice focused on “Ethical Issues in Citizen Science.” From the issue editors (Lisa M. Rasmussen and Caren Cooper):
In many countries, regulations, restrictions, and oversight processes have arisen to address ethical concerns in scientific research. Citizen science challenges the paradigm of oversight for addressing ethical issues for several reasons:

  • Citizen science can frequently fall outside of typical regulations or policies, and recognized ethical issues may not receive appropriate consideration.
  • The relationship between scientists, volunteers, and human subjects in citizen science is novel and not always addressed by usual regulation or policies.
  • Citizen Science raises novel issues not typically addressed in federal regulations, such as the appropriate treatment of information about endangered species or best practices for collaborating with indigenous communities.

We invite contributions about the ethical dimensions of citizen science for a special issue of the Journal. We are particularly interested in submissions in the following areas (but please feel free to contact the Special Issue Editors at the details below if you have different ideas):

  • What are the most pressing ethical issues in Citizen Science?
  • What existing theoretical, ethical, or regulatory frameworks could be re-purposed to help address ethical issues in Citizen Science?
  • What new tools might Citizen Science need to recognize, respond to, or resolve ethical issues in the field?
  • What special concerns about the use of human subjects arise within Citizen Science?
  • How should we think about the ethics of labor related to Citizen Science?

Abstracts for proposed papers due by January 15, 2018
to Lisa Rasmussen (Lrasmuss[at]
Submissions of approved papers due by April 20, 2018 at
With questions about this issue, contact Lrasmuss[at]
For a downloadable PDF version of this call for papers, please click here and distribute widely.

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