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Situation Assessment and Stakeholder Analysis for Citizen Science

A Free Webinar from CSA’s Ethics Working Group, presented by Dr. Stacy Lynn (Colorado State University)

Friday, 30 Nov 2018, 12-1pm US EST (UTC -5)

Situation assessment and stakeholder analysis (SASA) is a deliberate process of identifying and planning goals, future steps, collaborations, common interests and potential challenges that might be faced by a new or ongoing citizen science project. Well-thought-out SASA processes provide a thoughtful foundation for carrying out inclusive and ethical engagement and research. This helps both to ensure that project goals are in line with stakeholder needs, and to protect people and study subjects from harm. The SASA process should be carried out as early in a project’s development as possible, but revisited as the project progresses and new connections and insights reveal previously unknown needs, potential participants and approaches. Ongoing (formative) assessment also helps to address unanticipated issues that may come up along the way. SASA builds a foundation for citizen science project success, assisting project developers in formulating a plan that is methodical and logical, and for which public participation of citizen scientists is optimized. We invite you to attend this Citizen Science Association SASA webinar to acquire some tools and processes that may help you begin this process no matter what stage of your project you are in.

About Stacy: Dr. Stacy Lynn is a research scientist at Colorado State University. She specializes in the social-ecology of East African rangeland systems, and on participatory, collaborative and citizen science approaches to engaged research, including with the development team. She is Co-Chair of CSA’s Ethics Working Group.

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