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Call for 2024 Symposia Speakers

Help identify thought-leaders and skill-builders YOU want to hear from at our virtual 2024 conference June 3-6, 2024. This conference is your annual opportunity to engage in cross-disciplinary conversations advancing the field of participatory sciences with sessions specifically designed to expand your perspectives and skills for the most meaningful and impactful public research partnerships. Our virtual conference will build upon emergent themes from our 2023 in-person event: building equitable partnerships; moving from data to impact; and discoveries and new frontiers

Bring new voices to our 2024 virtual conference.  Nominate a speaker using this form by January 15, 2024 to help this event reflect the needs, insights, and innovations of people across this community.

Our events feature speakers from a wide range of perspectives, roles, backgrounds*, and career stages that share important insights into this work. Your suggestions for the 2022 event brought us speakers like Amani AbuelenainGraise D. Lee Jenni, and Elena SparrowWho can we learn from in 2024? 

2024 Symposia Themes

The following topics represent overarching themes from the our C*Sci 2023 conference that we’d like to deepen the conversation about during the virtual 2024 event. Please suggest engaging speakers who you’d like to hear from and think would provide valuable insights for the participatory science community.

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Moving from Data to Impact

One of the benefits of participatory science is the wealth of data that can be produced or analyzed with the support of volunteers. What is done with the data after it’s collected, however, opens up a whole new set of questions and ethical obligations to address. Who has access to the data (for how long, for what purpose, in what format)? What other uses might there be for your project data (policy, regulation, education) and what are your obligations to support that? How does collecting data about participants inform project design? Speakers in this topic area will share best practices for storing, analyzing, and visualizing data, issues of data privacy and interoperability, and leveraging data from across sources for broader impact.

Discoveries and New Frontiers

As we continuously work to improve our existing projects and programs, we also need to think about what comes next. What big ideas and new approaches will move the field forward and help us do more impactful work? How are new technologies like AI/machine learning complimenting the work of volunteer contributions in participatory projects? How are participatory methods being leveraged to advance scientific discovery across disciplines? Speakers in this topic area will be conducting or planning cutting edge methods, technology, or innovations that can challenge and inspire the way that we think about our own practices.

Building Equitable Partnerships

Partnerships are often integral to a project’s ability to expand their reach and impact. However, resources, power, and funding are often centralized in academic institutions which can create power imbalances between project partners that disrupt good intentions. What processes and decision making structures support equitable partnerships between partner organizations? How can partnerships with facilitator organizations help projects broaden participation and engagement with a project? Speakers in this topic will share best practices and lessons learned through partnerships that expand the reach and impact of participatory science projects.

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