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Keynote Speaker Announced

Chris Filardi Photo
Photo courtesy of the Conservation Agreement Fund

We are pleased to announce that Chris Filardi, Director, Pacific Program, Center for Biodiversity and Conservation (CBC) at the American Museum of Natural History, will be the Keynote Speaker at Citizen Science 2015. Here’s a sneak preview of what he will be sharing.
A Place in the World – Science, Society, and Reframing the Questions We Ask
By: Dr. Chris Filardi
The interplay between science and broader society is central to modern life. Citizen science is a natural upshot of this reality. From mariner input into early wind charts that revolutionized trans-oceanic travel, to the Christmas Bird Count or crowd-sourcing of sight records for imperiled species, relationships between societal needs and public participation in the scientific process have not only improved understanding of the world around us, but have also expanded the impact of science on our lives.
The history of citizen science suggests we can do more. In a variety of contexts, broadening the process of how scientific questions are framed, and expanding who is involved in the framing, is transforming how we do science. Through a series of brief vignettes, this presentation will explore the potential impacts on society of broader public participation in the full life cycle of scientific inquiry – from framing questions and guiding data collection, to analyzing and communicating new knowledge.
It is my hope to inspire active dialogue during the conference and beyond on the evolving role of citizen science in society.
–Chris Filardi Ph.D., is Director, Pacific Programs, Center for Biodiversity and Conservation (CBC) at the American Museum of Natural History. Combining natural history, biodiversity research, and partnership with indigenous or local people, Dr. Filardi has a long history of conservation practice across the tropical Pacific and western North America. His work directing the CBC’s Pacific Programs focuses on integrating research, mentorship, and direct conservation action to inspire large-landscape and marine conservation in partnership with place-based communities.

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