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Join the #WhyICitSci Campaign!

by: Johanna Varnerwhyicitsci_2
As the Citizen Science 2015 conference approaches, we* want to know what you love about citizen science and what drives you to participate!
Are you in it to learn about the natural world, to contribute to new knowledge, or to share the joys of discovery with others? Perhaps you’re interested in generally fostering diversity and inclusion in science or connecting with your community? Or, maybe you believe that citizen science is a promising avenue for tackling grand challenges and everyday problems?
We, invite you share YOUR reasons in the #WhyICitSci campaign on Twitter!
Not going to the conference? We want to hear from you, too! Bonus points if you are actually out doing citizen science while the rest of us are sitting around inside talking about it! Extra bonus points if you share a picture of you doing citizen science!
Tweet us why you participate in citizen science and include the hashtag #WhyICitSci. After the conference, we’ll compile and share your responses in a blog post.
We can’t wait to hear Why YOU Cit Sci and to meet many of you next week in San Jose!

Johanna Varner is a graduate student in biology at the University of Utah. She uses citizen science as part of her research on pikas and climate change. Check out her website at: Find her on Twitter @johannavarner

* “We” refers to the Citizen Science 2015 Conference Communications Working Group and the Citizen Science Association

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