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CitSci2017: Call for leading volunteers

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The Citizen Science Association Board and the CitSci2017 Conference Committee are seeking six top-level volunteers to help shape the conference.
Conference planning will be a collaborative endeavor, involving CSA board members, a local coordinator, and Working Group members, as well as the four Programme Chairs and two Coordinators sought here. Two CSA Board members are involved in conference leadership: Darlene Cavalier (logistics) and Muki Haklay (programme). Emlyn Koster (CEO of the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences) is the current local contact. The Conference Working Group includes the co-chairs of CitSci2015 (Alison Young and Lila Higgins).
As of August 2015 the CSA is recruiting four Program Chairs and two Coordinators. Details on each position can be found below. Applications via this simple web form will be accepted through 26 September 2015. Further volunteers to aid this team will be sought later in the planning process.
Four Programme Chairs – These include an Academic Chair, Graduate Chair, Practitioners Chair, and Citizen Scientists Chair. Each will think about their target audience and the types of sessions they will need; organise the calls and manage the programme coordination.
The Academic Chair will be selected from researchers with an established academic position or research interest in citizen science. The Graduate Chair will be selected from early career researchers and students who are studying citizen science, and the Practitioners Chair will be selected from people who run citizen science programmes or work in institutions that promote citizen science activities. The Citizen Scientists Chair will be the selected from people who are actively involved as volunteers in citizen science programmes.
The four Chairs will form the core of the conference programme working group. Together, they will:

  • Have responsibility for the conference programme and the management of the programme committee
  • Attend all committee/working group meetings and liaisons with those groups, the other Conference Chairs, and Logistics Coordinator
  • Research (or task others to research) potential keynotes and featured speakers
  • Oversee programme content (determining how many sessions, who’s assigned to which, which sessions run concurrently, number of submissions allowed for each presenter, etc.)
  • Design and manage the call for papers and sessions
  • Identify and manage the conference programme committee
  • Report regularly to the CSA board on the development of the programme

Logistics Coordinator

  • In advance of the conference:
    • Identify exhibitors and a funding model for booth fees
    • Develop the conference budget, in conjunction with the CSA Board Treasurer, the conference director, and the local chair
    • Work closely with the programme committee on the requirements of the programme and the logistical implications of the programme
    • Work with conference venue and outside vendors (A/V, in-house event planners, caterers, videographer, field-trip transportation, etc.)
    • Oversee development of an agenda matrix to include details on session types as well as presentation times (15 min per Talk) and transition times (between speakers, between sessions), etc.
  • Onsite:
    • Coordinate and check all set-up details (equipment, furnishings, catering, light and sound levels, signage)
    • Instruct session chairs, moderators, presenters (or instructs those who do)
    • Stage manage and trouble shoot as necessary (with volunteer assistance)

Editorial Coordinator

  • Oversee planning, content, roll-out of conference materials (online and print) — application instructions, registration materials, funding links, ancillary documents/one pagers, surveys, program content (agenda, bios, abstracts, acknowledgements), sign-up lists for events or tasks (volunteers), applications for travel awards, FAQs, etc.
  • Work with the conference chairs to develop the call for papers and sessions and help in disseminating them to a wide audience
  • In coordination with the Web/Communications Committee, plan for the gradual buildup of information, to inform the user and support and anchor Outreach efforts and messaging
  • Liaise with designer and printer
  • Ensure continuity between Web-based and print materials (and also with Outreach team)

To apply for these positions before 26 September 2015, please use this simple online form [link removed – NOW CLOSED]. With any questions, please contact Muki Haklay,
The efforts of all who apply are deeply appreciated. While only six individuals will be selected for these particular leadership positions, the interest and energy of many additional volunteers will be much sought after and put to good use as plans progress.

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    The Citizen Science Association is looking for volunteers to help plan its next biannual conference, CitSci2017, to be held February 23–25 in Raleigh, NC. Six volunteers are needed as program chairs, logistics coordinator and editorial coordinator. Apply for these positions using the form listed in the CSA post below by September 26. In addition, the CSA is still accepting applications for free, inaugural membership in the organization. The CSA was recently formed to develop a network of citizen science enthusiasts and practitioners who can share knowledge and best practices for involving the public in scientific research.

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