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Collaboration challenge: thematic exhibits at CitSci2017

Coming to CitSci2017? Wouldn’t it be fantastic to share your program’s materials with others focused on the same issues, or to know there’s a place you and others can swing by throughout the conference to learn from others in your specific field or focus of citizen science about how they have their methods set up, or how they have addressed a certain conundrum common to your programs?
CSA Board member Kris Stepenuck has inspired a challenge to thematic types of citizen science to pool funds (it’s only $500 total for non-profits) to co-sponsor a themed exhibit booth. Kris is herself scheming to secure an exhibit table focused on volunteer water monitoring. She says,

“This plan is modeled after the National Water Quality Monitoring Council’s National Monitoring Conference where we have been fortunate to have support to have a volunteer water monitoring booth for many years. The booth gives our practitioners a “home base” during the conference, and provides an opportunity for everyone who would like to do so, to bring methods, materials, and other sweet tools and products that you feel might be useful to others working in volunteer monitoring.”

We would love to see booths about, for example, pollinator projects, or about the maker movement, or about citizen science focused on health, or astronomy, or wildlife, or GIS mapping, or big data, or natural history collections, or education, or…
Which thematic areas will rise to this challenge? Collaborate and be counted!
If you’re up for this challenge, consider voicing your interest on the citizen science discussion listserv (subscribe here) to find others from your thematic area who might be too. Then, visit the conference website to register your exhibit booth, and spread the word for people to bring materials to display, and to set up times various people can staff the booth.
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