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Shape the 2019 Conference – call for lead volunteers

The Citizen Science Association Board is seeking two leading volunteers to help shape the CitSci2019 Conference – a Program Chair and a Communications Chair. Details below | click here to apply.
To ensure our conferences represent a diversity of experiences, we are invested in bringing on new committee chairs for each conference. These chairs have significant opportunities to influence the look, content, and feel of the conference.
Conference planning will be a collaborative endeavor, involving CSA board members, a local coordinator, paid conference coordinator, and Working Group members, as well as the Program Chair and Communications Chair sought here. Two CSA Board members are involved in conference leadership in the areas of logistics and program development. Emlyn Koster (CEO of the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences) is the current local contact and has a strong local committee backing him up for the 2019 conference.
As of April 2017 the CSA is recruiting anyone interested in the Conference Committee along with Conference Program Chairs. Selections will be made before the CSA Conference May 17th-20th and meetings will be organized at the conference to leverage access to any selected applicants at the conference.
Details on the Program Chair and Communications Chair positions can be found below. Apply for these leadership positions or to be a member-at-large of one of the committees via this simple web form. Applications accepted through May 12th 2017 | click here to apply.


A Program Chair will be selected with a responsibility to:

    • Help develop the evaluation for the 2017 conference to ensure we are collecting information of use to the future conference committee.
    • Review evaluations from previous conferences to build a program that works for our attendees
    • Oversee the conference program and the management of the program committee
    • Run all program committee meetings and liaise with other stakeholder groups, including other Conference Chairs, Conference Coordinator, CSA Board, and Working Group Chairs.
    • Research (or task others to research) potential keynotes and featured speakers
    • Oversee program content (determining how many sessions, who’s assigned to which, which sessions run concurrently, number of submissions allowed for each presenter, etc.)
    • Spearhead the selection of a conference theme appropriate for our 2019 venue and diverse membership.
    • Oversee the design and management of the call for papers and sessions

  • Identify and manage the conference program committee (You will be given the information for interested parties to help aid in this process)
  • Report regularly to the CSA board on the development of the program
  • Meet regularly with the overall conference planning team to coordinate goals, tasks, and timelines.



A Communications Chair will be selected with a responsibility to:

  • Manage a committee to facilitate all event communication messages via multiple platforms, working in conjunction with the CSA’s Communications Working Group
  • Oversee planning, content, roll-out of conference materials (online and print) — application instructions, registration materials, funding links, ancillary documents/one pagers, surveys, program content (agenda, bios, abstracts, acknowledgements), sign-up lists for events or tasks (volunteers), applications for travel awards, FAQs, etc.
  • Work with the Program Committee to develop a clear, timely call for papers and organize the dissemination of this call to a wide audience
  • Coordinate the conference website, including the online call for proposals, with information provided by the Program Committee
  • Liaise with designer to manage conference logo, supporting graphics, and eventually printed materials for the conference.
  • Ensure continuity between Web-based and print materials
  • Manage a conference marketing plan to ensure broad awareness of the event
  • Oversee/coordinate conference press logistics (developing a press release, facilitating media dissemination, arranging for press contacts and conference talking points)

The efforts of all who apply are deeply appreciated. While only two individuals will be selected for these particular leadership positions, the interest and energy of many additional volunteers will be much sought after and put to good use as plans progress.

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