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Help shape CitSci2019

Believe it or not, there are only 18 months left before the 2019 Citizen Science Association Conference (March 13-17, Raleigh, NC), and it is time to start planning!
There are many ways to be involved, large and small. If you have any interest in (or even if you want to just explore options for) helping design and run this next conference, we would like to invite you to attend our kickoff meeting (details below).
This meeting will introduce you to the structure of the planning committees, reveal a bit more about what kind of work is entailed, and give you a chance to figure out where you fit. We have had rewarding and successful events in the past, but also know that there is much room to improve and grow the way our events reflect and serve this diverse community. Join us and help set the table for CitSci2019.
UPDATE 9/27: Download PDF of slides from the CitSci2019 kick-off call here. You can watch the recorded session here (advance to 10min for the start of the session). The webinar included details and contact information for how to get involved in the following committees:




Local (field trips, child care)

Integrity, Diversity and Equity

As well as an open conversation on other contributions that volunteers can make to improve this event.
*We know that not everyone could join us for the kick-off webinar.  To be added to our CitSci2019 volunteer list, please email Angel Hjarding, angel AT ncwf DOT org.

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