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Webinar: Maximize Data and Engagement for Management Outcomes with

Webinar brought to you by, an organizational member of CSA.

Join researchers at Colorado State University to explore the free tools available through to manage both field-based data and volunteer engagement.

Thursday, 30 August 2018    |    1-2pm US Eastern Time

Click here to Register is an open and transparent citizen science platform that advances the utility, impacts, and outcomes of field-based citizen science programs globally. This platform now supports more than 580 projects ranging from those that monitor water quality to habitat and wildlife populations to invasive species. is unique among field-based platforms in that it is fully customizable and allows projects to ‘create their own citizen science projects’ in a do-it-yourself (DIY) approach. Projects can define what they wish to measure, document how they measure it, and build customized datasheets for real-time data entry online and via mobile applications. This saves projects the costs and hassles associated with creating their own web frontend and backend systems as well as their own custom mobile apps.

The platform also provides an integrated suite of volunteer management capabilities plus data exploration and visualization tools to empower people to create their own visualizations of trends, relationships, and comparisons. Tools also exist for volunteer communications, alerts/notifications, bulk uploading of legacy datasets, and downloading data.

Whether you’re new to or want to make better use of the platform, this webinar will walk through how to maximize a citizen science project’s web- and app-based infrastructure to target conservation goals and management objectives.

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This is the second in a series of skills-based webinars offered by CSA’s organizational members (see also this webinar from SciStarter last spring). We look forward to offering more in the coming months. Access to our webinar platform is a new benefit for organizational members. If you are interested in this opportunity, learn more about membership here or contact

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