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Presentation opportunities still open for CitSci2019

The call for abstracts for individual presentations, lightning talks, and posters for CitSci2019 has been extended until 5 October 2018. For more details, please see the official Call for Individual Presentations.

In addition, two new presentations strands are now open for submissions, both via our host institution, the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences. These are for Project Slam presentations during the opening reception, and for Citizen Science Festival exhibits during the all-day public event on Saturday.

Don’t miss the chance to add your voice to the many coming together for this event. The Call for Symposia and Workshop proposals (now closed) has already yielded a response from over 400 individuals, via 45 workshop proposals and 61 symposia proposals. Members of the CSA community are already reviewing these proposals to curate a rich set of opportunities to connect cross-programmatic and cross-disciplinary conversations in March.

As previously mentioned, CSA is bringing CitSci2019 back to North Carolina in part due to the financial strain from moving the conference out of North Carolina in 2017.

You can join the CSA’s efforts to improve diversity, equity, and justice by contributing to some of the efforts already underway such as drafting the code of conduct for CSA2019 (and beyond), contributing to some of the potential action items identified in this discussion, and continuing the conversations with the CSA Ethics Working group.

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