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2017 CSA Top Ten Year in Review

[sg_popup id=”9″ event=”onload”][/sg_popup]2017 was a year of major milestones for CSA – here is our Top-10 run-down (in calendar order).
1. Paid Membership
Without removing any previously-existing benefits for all members, we piloted additional paid membership options to help CSA build capacity and services. How is this looking from your perspective?
2. March for Science
In a year of turmoil for research and evidence, CSA stepped up and signed on to support the March for Science movement.
3. CitSciDay
Through partnerships with SciStarter and City Nature Challenge, 118 sites hosted events to share great things about or even engage people in citizen science. 2018 promises to be even better!
4. Citizen Science: Theory & Practice
Our open-access journal continues to thrive, attracting and producing high-quality manuscripts. Among the Volume 2 papers is a significant review of terminology, which grew from this community’s listserv.
5. CitSci2017
Our first ever wholly independent conference was held in May in Saint Paul, MN, with over 600 attendees and great feedback (including valuable suggestions for improvements). Volunteer teams are already mobilizing for 2019 in Raleigh (March 13-17).
6. 501(c)(3) AND first full-time staff
In June, we were officially awarded non-profit, charity status. In July, CSA hired its first full-time staff member to start to build the services and support that this field deserves.
7. Values Statement
Both driven and informed by input from this community, we’re proud to formally state and enact these values in our work to serve this field.
8. Webinars
Sharing and supporting good practices is at the core of our work. We’ve launched a series of webinars bringing front-line community expertise to you (see here and here) – and we are looking for your input to grow this series.
9. Social media engagement
There is so much that you accomplish in your work, and we strive to bring recognition to that. Our #ThanksCitSci campaign was just one small step to amplify your voice and impact – and you blew us away with your contributions. We’ve also waded into Facebook – come join us!
10. $7,500 raised in end of year donation campaign
Ok, to be honest this milestone may be preliminary – but we are well on our way and you can help. [UPDATE 1 JAN 2018 – The $7,500 goal was met but there’s still time to give!] It takes less than you may think to make a difference, and because of milestone #6 donations are eligible for tax-deductions. You can be part of this giving campaign!
In addition to the above milestones, we have been working on additional behind-the-scenes services including web infrastructure for Working Groups, online forums for dues-paying members, and – starting late December – the earliest phases of strategic planning – we look forward to bringing you more details in January. Our goals for 2018 are even more significant and depend on your engagement – please join us in expanding support for your work and this field (see several options here).

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